Huntleigh Dawes-Redman CTG Event


    Huntleigh and Warrington & Halton Hospital host Dawes-Redman CTG Masterclass Study Day

    Huntleigh are thrilled by the success of our latest Dawes-Redman Study Day held in Warrington Hospital. Representatives from trusts across England attended to partake in not only open discussion forums but also hear directly from Professor Christopher Redman about the benefits of CTG Analysis and how it is being used worldwide to help babies enter the world safely.

    Image courtesy of Huntleigh Healthcare. Copyright © 2016 Huntleigh Diagnostics. All Rights Reserved

    Demand to attend was high, with places significantly oversubscribed. Attendees were predominantly from the North West of England, however some Midwives travelled for up to 6 hours to attend from Dorset and South East such was the significance of the content of the day.

    Mustafa Sadiq, Consultant Lead at Warrington Hospital was very pleased with how the study day went:

    I’d like to thank Huntleigh for putting on this study day…. I think a day like this gives users a chance to have their questions answered directly, which they wouldn’t have a forum for otherwise.’

    Sharing Diverse Experiences in CTG Interpretation

    The day featured presentations on The Scientific Rationale for Antenatal Computerised CTG’s, Computerised FHR Monitoring: A Midwives Perspective and How Dawes-Redman Analysis is Used in Warrington Hospital.

    The masterclass ended with an Open Discussion Forum with Professor Christopher Redman himself which stimulated interesting discussion and debate. It was clearly apparent that the consensus from all 100 attendees was the value and importance of Dawes-Redman analysis in clinical practice and how it can save time, money and more significantly, lives.

    Image courtesy of Huntleigh Healthcare. Copyright © 2016 Huntleigh Diagnostics. All Rights Reserved

    Comments from event attendees included:

    "It [Dawes-Redman Analysis] is an objective measurement of fetal well-being which provides an expert time-saving analysis. We need more of these in our unit!"

    "I work in the AIN assessment unit and use Dawes-Redman on a daily basis. It helps promote safe practice."

    "As a student midwife this course has increased my understanding of how Dawes-Redman works which will benefit my practice."

    Continue the Conversation

    The enthusiasm and appetite to learn and share experiences around CTG interpretation and in particular Dawes-Redman analysis was evident throughout the day, and to continue the conversation further we have started a Forum thread with the topic “Dawes-Redman analysis: How it can improve outcomes”. Please login and join in with the discussions.

    Due to the success and reaction to this event, we do hope to partner with other hospitals in the future. Please look out for details on our website.