Important Garment Advisory Notice


    Certain suppliers are advising customers that it is possible to use the 12 chamber LymphAssist™ garments with other suppliers’ pumps. Huntleigh Healthcare Diagnostic Products Division's position is very clear ……

    •   We DO NOT advocate or promote the use of the LymphAssist garments with other 3rd party pumps.
    •   The integrity and effectiveness of the patent protected LymphAssist treatment is dependent upon the interaction and combination of the pump and garment. The LymphAssist treatment can only be guaranteed when the patient uses a LymphAssist garment with a LymphAssist pump.
    •   There are also the regulatory and legal implications to consider; the current CE mark (CE 0088) displayed on both garment and pump is only valid when LymphAssist garments are used with a LymphAssist pump. Using a non-validated pump to inflate the garment will invalidate the regulatory status and CE mark and nullify any declaration of conformity.
    •   Warranties – All garment warranties will be void if the garment is used with a 3rd party pump.

    For further information about LymphAssist™ garments, or if you require advice about this News Alert please Contact us direct.