Protecting Maternity Services


    Helping to protect new life by providing maternity services with the tools they need

    As global maternity services adjust to the challenges of COVID-19, Huntleigh Healthcare have seen an increase in the number of Sonicaid Team 3 monitors being used to help reduce the risk of cross-infection, allowing dedicated monitors to be with mums in each room.

    It’s #WithPeopleInMind that our dedicated and committed staff have worked tirelessly to meet this need. At a time when demand for our patient monitoring range is already at unprecedented levels, it’s also vitally important that we fulfil the requirements for clinicians and patients affected by the wider implications of the virus.

    Sarah Spencer, Deputy Head of Midwifery commented “I don’t think we could have had a faster response time than we did. 3pm please can I have 2 Sonicaids? 3.50pm in my hands. Thank you for the support in caring for our mums and unborn babies safely during these unprecedented times”.
    Ref: Huntleigh Facebook